Excessive Sweating – Can it be Treated Successfully?

If you find that your clothes become saturated for no apparent reason – you haven’t even been exercising – then you may be suffering from excessive sweating. People who suffer from excessive sweating are often too embarrassed to have a social life. The problem may prevent close relationships and even impact on their work life, depending on what they do. But what exactly is this problem and how do you know if you have it? Sweating is a natural process that the body uses to keep itself cool. However sometimes it gets out of hand for reasons that are usually not clear.

The problem of too much perspiration can sometimes just affect one part of the body such as the armpits, soles of the feet, hands or back. Sometimes the face is affected as well. The problem is often exacerbated by odour. Bacteria on the skin feed and grow on perspiration and foul odour is the result. People don’t want to get close to you and you feel really embarrassed to know you have body odour.

Visibility is another problem. When clothes become wet with sweat it can usually be seen easily and really ruins that well-groomed look you try to achieve. Cotton shirts help to keep you cool and prevent sweating, but sweat rings are highly visible on cotton, especially blue cotton.

There are many home and other remedies that are said to help the problem, but they are rather like remedies for arthritis; not all work on all people – in fact, some don’t work on anyone. However, if you are desperate you will usually try anything and everything.

One way to get relief is to attend a cosmetic clinic to have the problem assessed and attended to professionally. Professional treatment is more likely to work than any home remedy, but some treatment for this problem can be dangerous so you need to consider every aspect of it carefully.


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