Two Methods of Removing Crows Feet for a More Youthful Look

Women who want to cheat Father Time and keep their faces looking more youthful will often seek cosmetic treatment to remove wrinkles such as crow’s feet – those wrinkles seen at the outer corner of the eyes. This can be done without invasive surgery and is the choice of most women, in consultation with a skin care professional, of course. Who would opt for surgery if there was another way?

To more fully understand treatment for these kinds of facial wrinkles you need to also understand how they are formed and why they are visible. Facial wrinkles form when the muscles of the skin thicken and sag, often due to the lack of collagen underneath the outer layer of skin. Skin folds form and light casts a shadow into the crevices. It is this shadow that makes crows feet so noticeable.

The treatment involves lifting the crevices so they are level with the surrounding skin, thus eliminating the shadow. This is done by making tiny injections of dermal filler – there are several types of this substance on the market. Most contain a natural gel-like substance known as hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body making it very safe to use. This fills out the depressions caused by those loose muscles and so firms the skin. The treatment lasts for some months.

When considering facial treatment for wrinkles most people these days would immediately think of Botox, but this is not a dermal filler as such. While it is injected into the face, it works by blocking the release of the chemical that is responsible for transmitting movement signals to the muscles. The muscle contractions will therefore become weaker and this eliminates the wrinkles that are caused by muscle movement.

Both treatments help to remove wrinkles temporarily, but which one is best for your skin type should be discussed with your cosmetician.


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