What should You Use for Lip Augmentation?

There are several ways to achieve lip augmentation; the correct procedure for any one person must be only decided after consultation with an experienced professional. Generally speaking, most people go for dermal fillers to enhance the shape of their lips or to remove fine wrinkles and lines in or around the lip area. Dermal fillers are usually made from synthetic hyaluronic acid, but may also be fat based.

Fat injections use fat harvested from other areas of your body such as the abdomen. It is purified before being injected into the lip area. Some doctors offer solid implants within the lip as a permanent solution, but there are many disadvantages to using these. Firstly, they go hard over time and so your lips do not feel naturally soft. Also, many solid implants give the lips a sausage shape rather than a natural curved shape so the end result is not what you would have liked. Such implants may also shrink or shift and they may become infected.

The only disadvantage with dermal fillers is that they do not last and so have to be repeated. However it is possible to have fillers made from silicone micro-droplets injected into the lips as a more permanent solution. It is necessary to use a very experienced doctor to have this done as many use too much of the product in each injection and the result is then almost as bad as that hard implant that takes the curve out of your lips. It can end up looking quite bumpy and lumpy; not what you really want when it comes to lips.

But when done properly with tiny amounts placed carefully into the right position, the result will be more subtle and natural. Better still, this kind of dermal filler is less likely to cause swelling or bruising. Before undergoing any lip augmentation injections it is wise to avoid taking aspirin based products, herbal products and vitamin E for a week to reduce bruising problems, because bruising in the lips cannot be treated with a laser.

When silicone based injections are used, the results will not be immediately visible. Rather, you need to have several sessions one month apart for the best result. Silicone is not used to remove wrinkles or lines around the lips though. It is only used in the lip area or right at the edge of the lips to augment the outline. Other dermal fillers are used to treat those wrinkle problems.


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